1. Lives authentically
  2. Demonstrates self-responsibility - does not blame others
  3. Takes responsibility for life and consequences of actions
  4. Sets goals and is committed 
  5. Has purpose in life
  6. Is emotionally and intellectually honest with self and others
  7. Confronts and deals with fears
  8. Is aware of both strengths and weaknesses (self-objective)
  9. Is self-respectful and sets appropriate limits and boundaries 
  10. Does not lie about the choices he/she makes
  11. Self accepting and self-soothing (does not seek external sources to “make it okay”)
  12. Self-sufficient (thinks and makes decisions independently)
  13. Does not hold grudges
  14. Is persistent in all efforts
  15. Is genuinely grateful
  16. Positive attitude (cup is half full not half empty)
  17. Accepts others
  18. Genuinely pleased for the success of others
  19. Does not compare oneself to others
  20. Directs efforts toward being the best he/she can be (recognizes that life is about continual personal growth with an aim for excellence not perfection)
  21. Lives according to one’s own internal values, principles, and standards
  22. Chooses to see opportunity and challenges instead of problems 
  23. Is spontaneous and enthusiastic about life
  24. Is able to praise oneself and others for efforts and accomplishments
  25. Is able to see the big picture versus being trapped by stumbling blocks (mistakes have value)
  26. Appropriately asks for help and utilizes resources
  27. Is an active participant in life
  28. Is comfortable with self and can enjoy alone time
  29. Is true to oneself
  30. Has quiet self-confidence