18 Jun 12 at 2 am

Me and my niggas was chillin and smoking some bomb ass weed. There is a dance floor in the room across the lawn from us. It’s cracking and everyone is dancing. Suddenly I hear this shatter sound. Like broken glass. I turn to the house and there’s this dude dancing with this girl. He got worked out the window! His head was flying out and shit! I was wilding out! I was the only one who saw that shit! I know I wasn’t imagining it because I saw the window before I started smoking and it wasn’t broken.

Although when I was at 7-11 (still high), I walked outside and saw a woman on a horse at the stop light. I’m not sure if that really happened or I was just high as fuck. It tripped me the fuck out. She waited until the light turned green and then they walked across the street. I need to stop smoking.

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