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The Creators of NYC: Geometric Artist Aakash Nihalani

Josh Wool spent a decade as an executive chef, opening restaurants across the south. But all that changed in 2010, when the carpal tunnel in his hands meant he could no longer work. To keep from going stir crazy, he picked up a camera and found his next calling. Two years, thousands of portraits, and a move to New York later, Wool is documenting the people who inspire him on a daily basis. Welcome to Creators of NYC.

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani is at the forefront of the next generation of modern artists working in New York. His work in spray paint and tape can be found not only on the walls of private collectors but in and around the streets of New York. I met up with Aakash in his Williamsburg studio, where he was preparing for a solo show.

How do you describe your art?

It’s hard … I usually direct people to look up an image on their phone. But I think at the barest, the work is about perspective, playing with our idea of three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane using tape as my primary medium, often in urban environments.

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Amazing <3

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Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich (facebook | behance)

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London-based Photographer Matthew Richards - “A series of citys-capes after my recent journey to New York City”

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Tights and Lips 

“The crushing force of time is before my eyes, and I myself try to keep pressing the shutter release of the camera. In this inevitable race between the two of us, I feel I am going to be burnt up.” – Daido Moriyama

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Amour by Gianfranco Meloni


Amour by Gianfranco Meloni
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Black and white photographs are recreated by Federico Pietrella using nothing but a date stamp! 

Photographs Converted to Pointillism Using an Ink Stamp

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There is something mythic and heroic about the photographs of Robert and Shana Parke Harrison. They have been collaborating for years in creating artistic photographs. Their work has been displayed in 18 solo exhibitions and over 30 group shows presented worldwide in places such as Japan, Canada, and Italy.

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I knew some of you better than others, but I miss you all by Keller and Wittwer

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Lee Kyu-Hak creates mixed-media paintings by wrapping small wooden wedges with colored newsprint that mimic the brushstrokes of famous artists. 

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“Black Meets White”